The Chill Box

$5 Donated Per Purchase

Tired of not being able to fall asleep because its too hot? 

Are you tired of suffering from heat and humidity while at your own home or office? 

 Does this affect your mood & energy levels?

If so we'd like to introduce you to the Chill Box

The portable Air Conditioner, Humidifier, & Purifier designed to keep you cool and fresh all summer long! 


We have put our coolers through extensive tests and multiple different warm climates to ensure it provides the highest levels of cooling and purification every time!

Traditional air conditioners drain your wallet and can be expensive, the Chill Box will give you the same cooling for just pennies a day! It has been designed to be energy efficient to use the least amount of electricity.

                                            Benefits Of The Chill Box

✔️ Personal Space Air Cooler! 

✔️ Cools, Humidifies and Purifies Air

✔️ Fully Adjustable Thermostat with Programmable Timer

✔️ Bright LCD Display

✔️ 350 Watt Energy-Smart Cooling Power 

✔️ Ultra-Quiet 

✔️ Compact & Portable 

✔️ Plugs in Any Standard Outlet or USB Port 

✔️ Freon Free & Eco-Friendly 

✔️ Choose from 3 speeds and adjust the airflow 

✔️ Up to 6-8 hours humidifier time  


 Simple to Use

 The Chill Box is so simple to set up and use - just pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy! The Chill Box is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate - you can adjust the temperature to the temperature you like! Once turned on, the 750ml water reservoir produces moist air. It has a quiet, two-speed fan, adjustable air vents, water reservoir and LED light. 


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